The Ultimate Luxury, Pet Friendly, Accessible Beach Accommodation

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Seafarers Accessible Holiday accomodation

Seafarers Diamond Beach

Dog friendly and accessible accommodation of the luxury kind. 
Just 400m to the dog friendly beach and both wheelchair friendly and dog friendly inside and out.  Seafarers Diamond Beach provides  guests of all abilities, genuine accessibility throughout in the style of a high class resort, including a gorgeous private pool with a pool hoist for wonderful summer fun! 

Sea Horse Luxury Pet Friendly Accomodation

Sea Horse Diamond Beach

Boutique luxury, Sea Horse Diamond Beach is a one-of-a-kind gloriously pet friendly holiday home set on 3 private acres and uniquely both horse friendly and dog friendly. Bring your precious dog(s), bring your special horse and bring your family or friends to unwind, relax and thoroughly enjoy yourself at the beach or by the pool.  

“…Rolex the dog loved everything about the weekend. And we could relax knowing she was safe and couldn’t get out…

Dog Friendly Holidays

Beach holidays for all dogs – big and small – and the people who love them.

Dogs are important members of the family and we welcome your dog on holidays with you at both of our Diamond Beach holiday homes.

What dog lover doesn’t want to enjoy a beach holiday with their dog?

Come and enjoy truly dog friendly holiday accommodation where you can enjoy all the ‘relaxed luxury’ features, while knowing your dog will stay safe on the property in the huge fully fenced and gated house yard.

Horse Friendly Holidays

Experience a unique beach holiday with your horse at Sea Horse Diamond Beach.

We live, breathe and love horses too.

And believe that any time spent with your horse, is time very well spent.

You’ll LOVE riding your horse on the beach. It’s as wonderful as you’ve always imagined.

So come and enjoy a very special horse friendly holiday and some unforgettable time with your horse at the beach.

“…Fantastic beach riding and Tally the mini spoodle is a beach addict. Ponies, puppies and people all happy, exhausted, well-fed and relaxed. Many thanks.” Joyce, Mike, Kay, Tally, Felix and Aussie

Wheelchair Friendly Holidays

Seafarers has been purpose built to support people with disabilities and to provide an ideal option for Respite Services Short Term accessible accommodation needs – it even has unique separate carers’ facilities.

There is easy access to all areas of the house, pool, pool hoist and BBQ area, with both wide ramp/pathway and stair access to the home.

You’ll enjoy accessible luxury and comfort for all your family – including your dog.

Sea Horse Diamond Beach is a dog and horse lovers dream holiday come true

“Back for visit 6 or 7 oh who knows…Long beach walks and dolphins everywhere…Plenty more visits ahead for us.” Molly, Steve and Bogart (& Branson)

"Thank you for the lovely warm welcome and a great holiday..."

- Steve, Tracey, Amy and Noah