NDIS Friendly, Accessible Respite and STA Accommodation

Accessible Respite and Short Term Disability accommodation that's perfect for
Self Managed and Plan Managed NDIS Participants, Respite Services, STAs and Supported Respite Breaks. Quality Respite and STA accessible disability accommodation that will;
Suit your clients - Make your staff's job easier - Impress their families.

And make you look good for the recommendation, too! Have a look below to see just how accessible we really are.

Easy to get to from Sydney, Hunter & Central Coast

Seafarers Diamond Beach is an easy three – ish hours’ drive, straight up the M1/Pacific Highway from Sydneys’ northern suburbs, 2 hours from the Central Coast and 1.5 hours from Newcastle.

Many wheelchair accessible activities to enjoy

Enjoy a range of accessible activities in the local Diamond Beach & wider Forster/Tuncurry  area. Whale watching, lake cruise, ten pin bowling, cinema & more. Plus a private pool with pool hoist.  And even its own beach wheelchair!

Easy access respite break, STA or supported holiday

Your clients Respite break, STA or supported holiday won’t include worries about access difficulties, with easy access throughout, wide ramps, hall, doorways, pathways and parking.

Fully self-contained accessible accommodation

Fully self contained accessible specialist disability accommodation with excellent kitchen and laundry facilities, large fridge, microwave and more.  Plus quality linens and bath towels provided with the beds all made up when you arrive

The Ultimate Guide to
Accessible Holiday Accommodation & Wheelchair Friendly Fun E-Book


We know it’s hard to remember everything you’ve seen here, plus there might be things you’ve missed or that your clients still need to know.

That’s why we created our ‘Accessible Holiday Accommodation and Wheelchair Friendly Fun’ EBook. It’s full of great things to do and places to go in the local Diamond Beach and beyond area.  Plus answers some of our most frequently asked questions.   Download it here below and then you can peruse it at your leisure (and feel free to share it with any of your clients needing accessibility or NDIS friendly accommodation)

Private pool with pool hoist

People with disabilites can enjoy some private pool time – no curious eyes.  And the pool hoist makes getting in & out of the accessible pool easy. Ideal for water rehab too.

Large, accessible bathroom

Our large, roll in main bathroom has an open wide,  hob-free shower, adjustable shower hose, roll under vanity, adjustable grab rails and plenty of additional space.

Guests dogs are welcome too

Guests are welcome to bring their precious pups with them too.  Up to two dogs are welcome at Seafarers Diamond Beach – inside and outside – with fully fenced yard.

Enjoy easy wheelchair access throughout

Extra wide halls, doors and pathways, as well as an easy-roll rear access ramp make staying at Seafarers Diamond Beach an easy, happy experience.

We know that  NDIS Support Coordinators, Local Area Coordinators and Disability Respite Services Managers are SUPER BUSY  people!  

So at Seafarers Diamond Beach respite accommodation, we make your job of providing or recommending, a high quality, genuinely wheelchair friendly accessible accommodation venue for Short Term Respite Accommodation for your disability respite service clients and accessible or supported holidays recommendations to your clients,  Easy.

Seafarers Diamond Beach is multi award winning accessible accommodation that has been purpose built to support people with disabilities, their carers and their families.  It provides genuinely accessible respite accommodation facilities (BYO Carers), with a beachside resort feel.  It is ideal for;

  • Self Managed NDIS participants
  • Plan Managed NDIS participants
  • Short Term Accessible accommodation for people with a disability
  • Disability Respite Services – Clients with carers stays
  • Supported Holidays – individual or small groups
  • Families /People looking for your trusted recommendation of quality accessible holiday accommodation, specialist disability accommodation or STA accommodation.

“Our first holiday since Steve’s S.C.I injury.  A lovely relaxing break. 
Carol and Steve

Seafarers Diamond Beach is accessible disability accommodation that makes your Respite Services staffs’ job easier and more comfortable (ask us about our unique Carer’s Suite).   It’s where your respite clients will enjoy themselves and look forward to coming back to, time and again.   And a location your clients family will be thrilled you’ve taken their loved one to. 

“We’ve had an amazing time like always.  Wayne is already talking about coming back”
Callan, Finding Yellow


“I think this place is fantastic.  Really enjoyed the stay.  You gave us ideas on outings to do, places to eat and organised a beach access wheelchair”.
Alison, Support Worker

NDIS STA and Respite disability accommodation doesn’t have to be plain and boring

The accessible respite and STA accommodation you – as an NDIS Support Coordinator, Local Area Coordinator or Respite Services Manager – suggest to your NDIS clients, Respite Services’ clients stays, NDIS Short Term Accommodation getaway, supported holiday or specialist disability accommodation stay doesn’t have to be clinical and bland – looking and feeling like an impersonal hospital.  

You and your clients will happily discover that Seafarers Diamond Beach has plenty of charm and personality, whilst still providing genuinely wheelchair friendly,  accessible respite accommodation – inside and out.  PLUS it’s got all the modern amenities of a high end resort – including the wonderful benefits of a gorgeous private accessible pool – with a pool hoist!   Plus a beach wheelchair for guests use  (And did we mention we’re dog friendly too!)

The features and amenities of Seafarers Diamond Beach make it ideal for:

  • people living with spinal cord injuries
  • paraplegics
  • independent wheelchair users
  • assisted wheelchair users
  • walking frame or cane users
  • people with reduced mobility
  • families with a member needing easy accessibility
  • respite care services – short term respite accommodation for clients and their carers and for supported holidays
  • people with disabilities looking for accessible holiday accommodation
  • people looking for holiday accommodation that is both wheelchair friendly and dog friendly
Seafarers Diamond Beach
Wheelchair Friendly and Dog Friendly

Book Now

In the Comments/Questions section above, its important you also let us know if;

  • You require use of the separate Carers Suite – Seafarers Diamond Beach only.
  • You require wheelchair accessibility – Seafarers Diamond Beach only.
  • You require use of the electric Hi/Lo bed – Seafarers Diamond Beach only.
  • You’re booking using your NDIS plan funds.
  • How your NDIS plan is managed – Self Managed, Plan Managed or Agency Managed.
  • How you knew about us – eg What specific Google search, Facebook, At an event, Recommended, Email Newsletter

We know it’s hard to remember everything you’ve seen here, plus there might be things you’ve missed. That’s why we created our ‘Accessible Holiday Accommodation and Wheelchair Friendly Fun’ EBook It’s full of great things to do and some of the most frequently asked questions. Download it here and then you can peruse it at your leisure.

Our Unique Carers Suite

At Seafarers Diamond Beach we understand that Respite Services staff and individual Respite carers (be they paid or informal family carers) play an essential role in the life of most NDIS participants.  We do our best to make their stay with a family member or person with a disability, at Seafarers Diamond Beach easier and more enjoyable too.

Recognizing  this, we’ve uniquely incorporated a private Carers Suite into the design of our accessible accommodation.   This Carers Suite is a private, separate area of the house and consists of a large, private studio bedroom, with comfortable double bed, ensuite bathroom and sitting area.  It is accessed via 4 steps, so is not wheelchair accessible itself.  Available by prior arrangement only and additional fee for use applies.

Unique Carers Suite

All the features your clients need

Check out the floor plan and see how Seafarers Diamond Beach accessible respite accommodation
will work for your clients needs.

Seafarers Luxury Accomodation plan

Yes, we have steps at the front—but there’s a wide ramp at the rear

A note from Dianne and Chris, owners of Seafarers Diamond Beach

We’re so pleased you’re considering Seafarers Diamond Beach for your clients next accessible respite stay or recommending it to your NDIS clients for an accessible holiday or STA.  You’re clients are going to love it!

Don’t be put off by the stairs at the front of the house.

We’ve designed and built Seafarers Diamond Beach to be wonderfully accessible inside and out.  And, among other good things, there’s a nice, wide access ramp at the side and rear of the property for easy wheelchair access into the house and the pool and BBQ area.

We know how hard it is to find great accessible accommodation and that your clients deserve and need an easy, relaxing holiday or respite stay without worrying about accessibility problems before they arrive (or during their stay).

We’ve worked hard to make Seafarers Diamond Beach accessible and beautiful throughout for wheelchair users and their families, respite service staff and clients and anyone needing a short term accessible accommodation location.

You can feel confident recommending a stay at Seafarers Diamond Beach to your clients.  We know they’ll enjoy it!  (And you’ll get the cudos for recommending it!)

Kind regards
Dianne and Chris
Seafarers Diamond Beach owners.

Dianne and Chris Denton hold their NSW Tourism Award trophy

"Miracles do happen"

–  Wheelchair accessible house, –  Welcomed our 2 precious pups, –  Beaches, coastline so close
Loved the stay!”
Jenny and Kristy, Sydney

What a difference a pool hoist makes

Tell your clients to get their cozzies ready or take them out on a shopping spree for some new ones, because even if they’ve not been in the water for years, they’ll be able to enjoy a splashing good time here.

With Seafarers Diamond Beachs’ accessible private pool and pool hoist there’ll be no stopping them now.   Our delightful tropical pool and easy to use pool hoist makes it all so easy.  Its a key highlight for many of the guests staying here – particularly during the warmer months.  Plus its an ideal depth for water rehabilitation exercises during a stay here.

“You had me at pool hoist”     John, Sydney

“The pool is an ideal depth for my water rehabilitation exercises”   Sarah, Church Point

Guests are free to enjoy the pool as often as they’d  like – morning, noon or evening.

NSW Barrington Coast disability respite accommodation starting from $400+gst per night

Nightly rates vary depending on the time of the year you wish to stay – but you’ll always have exclusive and private use of the whole gorgeous wheelchair friendly respite accommodation with its gorgeous accessible pool with pool hoist during your stay.   Plus now there’s even a beach wheelchair for our guests use – FREE!

Summer months, school holidays, Easter, long weekends and Christmas/New Year are always in high demand.   So, if you’re after particular or peak/school holiday dates – BOOK EARLY!

Our nightly rates range from $400+gst, to $1300+gst per night for peak dates.  The final cost of your stay will depend upon your specific inclusions and requirements.

Please check our ‘always up-to-date’ online calendar here for availability.  We will provide you with a quote and and separate NDIS appropriate invoice (please ask for this) once you have accepted your quote.  

Please note:  We’re NDIS friendly and welcome many people funded by their Self Managed or Plan Managed NDIS plans, to Seafarers Diamond Beach throughout the year, providing services to both self managed and plan managed NDIS participants.  Unfortunately we are unable to accept bookings from guests with Agency managed plans.

How can guests utilise their NDIS plan funding to access accommodation for respite or STA at Seafarers Diamond Beach?

We provide the specialist component of STA accommodation.  And even though everyones NDIS plan is different, respite and short term accommodation can be funded out of both self managed and plan management participants NDIS plans, as  long as funding has been allocated for these items.  

The Core Support section offers the most flexible support budget options for accessing Short Term Accommodation at Seafarers Diamond Beach;

  • Assistance with social and community participation – eg supports to enable an individual to participate in recreational and/or social activities
  • Daily activities – eg assistance with self care activities during the day or evening.
  • Plus with this section and its wide range of categories, its possibly to be more flexible – taking a little from one, to purchase supports in another.

The Capacity Building Supports section is where your clients NDIS plan funding is more strictly allocated across the eight support categories that match their identified goals.  And funding can’t be moved between sub-categories.  

The most relevant category for accessing accommodation at Seafarers Diamond Beach (aside from Core Supports) is usually Social and Community Participation. The use of this category funding for your clients development of individual life skills and the development of their skills for community, social and recreational participation, as well as independent living is a key role of the NDIS.   Seafarers Diamond Beach provides the specialist component of STA accommodation.

So your client accessing respite accommodation at Seafarers Diamond Beach under their NDIS plan all comes down to how their goals are framed. 

Your clients goals are uniquely their own – what goals could your clients personally achieve by utilising the accessible accommodation at Seafarers Diamond Beach?

  • I’d like to access respite once (or twice or more) a year – up to 28 days per year are available, up to 14 days at a time.  
  • I’d like to access a supported respite stay/getaway once a year
  • I’d like to develop/further develop their independent home living skills – with its full kitchen, laundry and more, Seafarers is ideal for this.  
  • I’d like to further develop my social and community skills
  • I want to establish/enhance my connection with the wider/general community
  • I want to connect and enhance my access to the outdoors and nature
  • I want to establish/enhance/continue my engagement in outside home family activities
  • I want to promote my general well being in a fresh location – away from my day to day life/home.
  • I want to improve my capacity to travel independently.

These are just a few goal suggestions that might suit your clients or your loved one with a disability.

So how do you or your clients book a stay at Sea Horse Diamond Beach

Firstly, we need to know;

1.   Do you have a current NDIS Plan?  
2.   What is your NDIS Plan number?
3.   Are you  – A Self Managed NDIS participant?  
                      – A Plan Managed NDIS participant?   Who is your NDIS Plan Manager, with contact details?

                      – An Agency Managed NDIS participant?  Sorry, we’re unable to process your booking via your NDIS plan.

  1. Check the Seafarers Diamond Beach (blue) online calendar for available dates and rates here
  2. Request a quote.  Let us know what additional features are required for your clients stay eg use of Carers Suite or Electric Hi Lo bed.  A personalised quote with Ts & Cs will be sent to you within 24 hours (often sooner).  A separate NDIS appropriate invoice will also be provided upon request.
  3. Accept your quote online, make your payment with a credit card to secure your booking and you’re done!    Ready for your client to start their holiday dreaming  NOW!

        Note:  If payment for this stay is being processed through a Plan Manager, the clients Plan Managers written confirmation of funding
        availability for this stay, its quarantining for this purpose and its scheduling for payment on the date of the clients departure is required to be 
        received by our office prior to the booking dates being confirmed and secured for your client.   

         Receipt of this confirmation also deems acceptance of our Booking Terms and Conditions.

Plenty of fun accessible activities to enjoy.

We also understand that knowing what local accessible activities (and eateries) are available within easy drive of your accessible accommodation is what makes a supported holiday, short term respite accommodation stay, post orthopaedic operations recuperation period or NDIS STA respite stay easier for your staff when planning your clients stay and so much better for your NDIS clients you’ve recommended stay at Seafarers. 

They’ll be able to access detailed information on a wide range of wheelchair friendly activities in the local area.  Where to go, who to get discounts from and more – activities such as whale watching and dolphin spotting, ten pin bowling, cinema, deep sea fishing, bush walks and more.  Download the ebook below.

The Ultimate Guide to NDIS Friendly Respite Stays


We know it’s hard to remember everything you’ve seen here, plus there might be things you’ve missed. That’s why we created our ‘Accessible Holiday Accommodation and Wheelchair Friendly Fun’ EBook. 

It’s full of great things to do and some of the most frequently asked questions. Download it here and then you can peruse it at your leisure or share it with your clients

Our location - its easy to reach us from Sydney, Central Coast or the Hunter

We’re an easy drive, three-ish hours north of Sydney, located in the coastal village of Diamond Beach in the Blackhead/Hallidays Point region (just north of Forster Tuncurry) on the NSW Barrington Coast. 

An easy drive straight up the M1 (Pacific Highway) north from Sydney, it’s then just 12 minutes off the highway along all sealed roads right to the front door. 

Just 15 minutes north of the hustle and bustle of the ever-popular seaside towns of Forster/Tuncurry on the beautiful Barrington coast of NSW, the Diamond Beach area is an undiscovered gem.

Still Got Questions?  Check out our Accessibility FAQs 

For general FAQs about checking in/out and other subjects, visit our general FAQ section here.