And just as we were catching our breath after the first big bushfire that hit us from the south of

Sea Horse Diamond Beach, we found ourselves under even more threat from fires to the north and north-west just a week later.

Bushfires part 2 2020
Sea Horse escaped these awful bushfires

But like angels in red and yellow, some serious help arrived, with both formal and volunteer fire brigades from all over the country arriving to lend a much needed hand to our weary local firefighters.

I’m in absolute awe of these firefighters – most of whom were volunteers.

These men and women worked day and night for pretty much 3 weeks non stop to ensure our 3 villages of Diamond Beach, Black Head and Red Head remained basically unscathed and despite some hairy scary times, I’m pleased to report that all is good here. Diamond Beach is pretty much back to its dog and horse friendly, best.

If you would like to join us and directly support and donate to the local Diamond Beach volunteer fire brigade, I would be delighted and happy to forward your donations directly to them (no middle woman involved!).

So if you’re looking for a holiday safe from the threat of bushfires, Diamond Beach would now have to be the safest place in NSW with its multi thousands of acres of natural, back burnt, fire breaks.

See you on the beach