Information For Your Dog Friendly Holiday

We Welcome Your Special Dog Here On Holidays With You.

Dogs are family to us too.   

Big or small, we love them all.

 And we want you to enjoy the many happy dog friendly experiences and pleasures that you’ll find here in Diamond Beach, so happily welcome your well behaved dogs here with you on holidays. 

We do some things to enhance your dog’s experience and in exchange we ask a few things in return to keep both Sea Horse Diamond Beach and Seafarers Diamond Beach both dog welcoming and beautiful;

  • Dogs Welcome Inside – Your dog is welcome to share both the inside and outside comforts of Sea Horse and Seafarers with you. But please don’t allow them on the lounges or beds  – as not all of our guests are ‘doggie’ people. 

  • Well Fenced Yards 
    We’ve got dogs too and know how important it is to have suitable, safe ‘dog’ fencing at any property you’re staying at.  Our fences and gates have been well tested with many different size dogs (and that’s just our own family’s wide variety of dogs!) over the years without incident.  We don’t guarantee for canine Houdinis!  But we’ve never had an issue  🙂
    –  You can relax and enjoy your holiday here knowing you can let your dog in and out knowing they’ll stay safely on the property, with no fear       of them straying in an unfamiliar area.       
    –  They can enjoy being outside and part of ‘everything’ with you or having a wonderful time careering around the yard after your kids or a 
        well thrown ball.
  • –  The excellent dog fencing and safe yards at each property allows your dog the freedom to roam and explore the gardens, laze on the grass
        in the sun and have room to run and play – whilst you unwind, relax and totally enjoy having them here on holidays with you.
    –  The Sea Horse house yard at  is a huge 1 acre expanse of soft green lawns, gardens and lots of places for your dog to sniff, snuffle and 
        explore or simply snooze in the sun near you.
    –  The Seafarers house yard is a residential backyard with small areas of soft green grass, gardens, and sunny verandah area surrounding the
        pool where you pup will be in the midst of all the holiday action.

  • Doggie Day Pen – This is a large, undercover wired and secure pen, complete with large, comfy dog kennel, trampoline type beds & thick, snugly blankets and mats to lie on, ready for your dog to use when staying at Sea Horse Diamond Beach (only).  You’ll be able to leave your dog in here, knowing they are safe, secure and comfortable anytime you have to leave them at home on their own during your stay. Giving them a ‘chewie’ or bone (from Hallidays Point butchery) helps to keep them occupied & happy, pus prevents barking while you’re gone.

  •   Beach Walks With Your Dog – Dogs are welcome off leash on all local beaches 24/7. Please ensure you clean up after your dog wherever you take them – most beaches have dog stations and poo bag dispensers at their main entries.   Be aware of your dogs behaviour on the beach (particularly towards any dog that may be on lead or looking nervous) –  your dogs exuberant play may be interpreted as threatening to another dog or cause a problem.  Your dog will love digging, running and exploring on the beach and going out walking with you. There’s always lots of fascinating beach smells to get their noses tingling!

  • Local Dog Friendly Cafes  – Sandy Cheeks and The Point Bakery at Hallidays Point Shopping Centre;  The Shop and the Pizza & Pasta Place at Diamond Beach; Waves Café at Black Head beach plus fish and chips or icecreams under the Black Head beach pine trees or on the sand at Diamond Beach and more.  Hallidays Point Tavern also has a dog friendly section too!

  • Local Dog Friendly Activities – markets, boat hire, walks, whale watching, 
  • Paddock and Rainforest Creek  – Feel free to walk your dog in the Sea Horse paddock and explore our ‘wild’ creek area together. It’s a great area for them to adventure around in with you and a fun place for your dog to swim and wade. Please be aware that this area is not fully dog mesh fenced.

  • NO DOGS IN THE POOL AT ANY TIME!  Your dog is not allowed in the pool – swimming in the clean ocean or rockpools is much better for them!  Please note – Dog hair clogs pool filters & dog claws scratch fibreglass pool surfaces.  Pool filters are cleaned after every booking, so we will know.  And you will be invoiced for filter replacements. The pool is for people only!

  •  Wet Dogs & Sandy Paws –  After your dog has been to the beach, please wash any salt and sand off them (there’s a hose near the back door & one at the front verandah for your use) and leave your dog outside until they are nice and dry. ‘Dog’ towels are provided at the Sea Horse back door & in the bottom of Seafarers pantry for use on your dog (do NOT use the white bath towels).

  •  Tick Prevention Measures – The eastern seaboard is a recognized tick zone.  Please ensure your dog is treated with tick prevention measures prior to arriving and during your stay. It’s not worth the risk to your dogs health or spoiling your holiday, not to do so.

          Its also good to check them over for ticks during your stay (particularly after any bush/paddock adventure or walk).

  •  Native Wildlife, Birds & Neighbouring Livestock  – Please prevent your dog barking at or chasing any visiting wildlife, birds or neighbouring horses.

  • Please  DO NOT leave your dog alone in the house when you are out – some dogs can become stressed and behave erratically/destructively if left alone in the house when away from home.  It can be very distressing for them.  If you need to, make use of the great, comfy Doggie Day Pen (available at Sea Horse only).  They’ll be safe, secure and comfortable in there whilst you’re out (if a little indignant).  Bones can be purchased from the local Hallidays Point Butcher to keep your pup occupied whilst in there.
  • Dog Bowls, Beds and Towels – Some dog bowls, beds & towels are provided for your dogs use if you don’t bring your own. Please  do not use our human utensils, blankets or white towels for your dog – you will be charged for a replacement if this occurs.
  • Pick-Up Bags – You’ll find spare pick-up bags (and a scooper) in the Doggie Day Pen if you run short.  Please clean up any dog manure and leave the Doggie Day Pen and house yard clean when you leave.   Used bags can be put in the general (red lid) garbage bin near the front gate.

  • Worming  – We would appreciate you worming your dogs approx 1 week before visiting.
  • Vets – In the unlikely event that you’ll need a vet, these are some local contact details;

Ø  Windan Sea Vet Hospital – Forster.  Ph: 6555 2275  (Our own personal vet) 

Ø  Diamond Beach Vet Surgery.  Ph: 6559 2277

Ø  Great Lakes Vet Clinic – Tuncurry  Ph: 6555 8947        


See you on the beach!