Are you looking for luxury dog friendly beach holiday accommodation – that’s actually greyhound friendly?

Greyhound jumping on sandy Diamond Beach
Beloved rescue greyhound – #Ballsy_McGallsy – jumping for joy on Barrington Coast dog friendly Diamond Beach. Ballsy is a regular visitor to big dog friendly holiday accommodation Seafarers Diamond Beach

Every dog deserves to be able to holiday with their people – even big dogs like greyhounds.

And gorgeous dog friendly Seafarers Diamond Beach is the pawfect choice for a dog (greyhound) friendly beach holiday.

With greyhounds being renown for only needing 15 – 20 minutes exercise and then pretty much happily sleeping the day away, the close proximity (400m) of Seafarers Diamond Beach to the 24/7 dog friendly Diamond Beach makes for the pawfect greyhound friendly holiday location.

Picture it – an early morning stroll to and walk on the long quiet beach with your beloved greyhound (maybe yours will be the first foot and paw prints on the beach that morning?); beachcombing along the waters edge to discover unusual seashells that may have washed up overnight; a pleasant stroll home together and then a leisurely breakfast beside the pool for you, whilst your precious greyhound snuggles up in the lounge room bean bag to snooze the morning (or day) away.

Black greyhound on gold dog friendly beach with blue water
Regular Seafarers Diamond Beach guests, rescue greyhound #Ballsy_McGallsy playing with his owner #Adam_Triggs on dog friendly Diamond Beach

Does that sound like something you and your greyhound would enjoy?

See you on the beach soon


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