Sea turtle being rescued

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and to beings of all kinds – feathered, furred and finned.

Chris Denton and Ryan Denton of Sea Horse Diamond Beach are two such heroes – and heroes to a half shell – Sea turtles that is.

Twice recently Chris has been involved in the rescue of Loggerhead sea turtles from Diamond Beach rock pools or seaweed mounds. Both turtles have been heavily encrusted with an overgrowth of barnacles and very likely victims of Floater Syndrome.

Floater Syndrome is on the increase with the impact of the ever-growing soft plastic pollution in the ocean taking its toll on marine animals (particularly turtles) who mistake it for food – eg jellyfish etc.

The turtle eats the plastic, which then becomes immovably stuck in its digestive tract. Internal gases then build up around the substance and cause the animal to float, preventing it from diving deep for food, protection and to deter barnacle growth. It is often fatal.

For these 2 Loggerhead turtles, Chris was able to get them into the care of the local National Parks and Wildlife Service for care and rehabilitation. These sea turtles are some of the lucky ones.

Chris Denton and NPWS officer with rescued sea turtle