Keep Your Eyes Peeled – It’s Echidna Train Time at Sea Horse Diamond Beach!

Echidna train at Sea Horse Diamond Beach animal friendly accommodation, NSW Mid North Coast Barrington CoastIf you’re staying at Sea Horse Diamond Beach animal friendly accommodation, keep your eyes peeled – Echidnas are on the move. 

What’s An Echidna Train ?

Delightfully named ‘Echidna Trains’ consist of a line of 3-5 male echidnas following a female in an orderly, nose-to-tail fashion, often over quite large distances.   These echidna trains engage in activities such as walking, foraging for food, and resting together as a group.   This behaviour is an important part of the echidnas breeding ritual and can continue for up to six weeks until the winning echidna suitor (usually the largest male) is the ‘last one standing’ with the female.  

When Does An Echidna Train Happen?

Echidna Trains occur during echidnas winter breeding season, from May until the end of September.  

Are Echidna Trains A Common Sight?

While it is rare to witness an echidna train, guests at our animal-friendly accommodation Sea Horse Diamond Beach,  have been fortunate enough to witness them.    So, when you’re staying at dog friendly Sea Horse Diamond Beach , make sure you  keep your eyes peeled – you just might be lucky enough to witness this extraordinary event yourself!
Book your stay at animal-friendly accommodation Sea Horse Diamond Beach today for your next dog-friendly holiday and experience the wonders of nature yourself,  maybe even an incredible echidna train!
See you on the beach 😊


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