Talking About Horses With Di Denton

Dianne Denton introduces the Talking About Horses Podcast

You’ll hear interviews with all sorts of interesting horse people from all fields of horse activities – from trail riding to team penning, endurance to eventing plus showjumping, dressage, western riding, working equitation, camp drafting and much, much more.

You’ll explore the fascinating fields of saddle fitting, equine natural therapies, beach holidays with your horse, bitless riding, pasture management, horse dentistry and so much more.  Di Denton reckons there’s always more to learn, that you can always learn something from everyone or anyone,  and that there are many ways of becoming a more knowledgable horse person

Talking about horses

Episode 1

Di introduces the talking about horses series. You’ll hear all sorts of interesting horse people from all fields of horse activities.

Episode 2

Bernadette Kelly is an award winning Australian author of the best selling children’s books – Riding High and Pony Patch Series.

Episode 3

Di talks with the the always effervescent (and very English!)  Daisy Soames on her life as, and journey to become, a  fully qualified Horse Safari Guide in Africa. 

Talking about Horses Podcast

Episode 4

Di sat down and talked with Kate Pilcher of Globetrotting Australia under an old elephant rubbing tree on the Kenyan Masai Mara plains for a chat about her business Globetrotting and the addictive world of horse riding holidays and  the ever so wonderful experience of an African horse safari. 

Talking about Horses Podcast

Episode 5

Margaret Mooney talks with Di about Horse Safety Australia and how it is raising the standard of safety with Australian equine businesses. 

Episode 6

Di talks with Jo Briggs and friends about Horse Welfare,  a Hunter Valley based registered horse charity and their ongoing efforts to help horses.

Talking about Horses Podcast

Episode 7

Mel Fleming is an Australian horsewoman based in Moonbi NSW,  who travels throughout Australia and the world helping people from all horse fields to understand better their horse’s mind, emotions, body and spirit.

Horse Podcast

Episode 8

Di speaks with Stuart Myers about Equiculture – the horse and property management system, devised by his wife Jane Myers,

Talking about Horses Podcast

Episode 9

The World Polo Championship is coming to Sydney and Georgia Higgins, Brand & Media Executive, for XI FIP World Polo Championship Sydney has invited us all to come too!

Talking about Horses Podcast

Episode 10

Horse Welfare Inc.s’, Jo Briggs talks about the Large Animal Emergency Rescue Workshops which they coordinate .

Episode 11

Event owner and manager, Rod Lockwood, spoke with Di  about the inception and development of Equitana Australia, his newest event Equifest NSW and now Equitana New Zealand.

Talking about Horses Podcast

Episode 12

Augusta Clarke of The Italian Saddlery (find them on Facebook) was able to enlighten me on the Italian designed and manufactured range of Makebe Wave Stirrups she was now importing. Makebe Wave ergonomically designed, solid aluminium stirrups are seriously interesting.

Talking about Horses Podcast

Episode 13

It was with pleasure that I sat down to interview Kathryn Massey, the President and Founder of the Hunter Valley Brumby Association to find out more about these iconic Australian wild horses and the Associations aims and activities.

Episode 14

So, where does a bloke, with a background in molecular biology, a passion for virgin coconut products and a well developed liking – and business – for Hibiscus flowers in syrup (floating in champagne of course!) come into the itchy scratchy horse picture?

Well,  Lee Etherington is just that bloke and I met him at Equifest Sydney when I stopped by his trade stand to find out about his new magic ‘itch fixing oil’ Calafea.

Episode 15

Steve Hurley, the co-founder of TuffRock, is an interesting bloke. I met Steve at the New South Wales Hunter Horse Festival (he’s a Hunter Valley local) and we sat down and talked about his path into the horse industry, the establishment of Tuffrock and Tuffrocks’ range of products for horses, dogs, cattle and chickens.

Episode 16

The horse sport of working equitation is a relatively new one to Australia but at its highest levels, Australian working equitation horse and rider teams are up there with the worlds best.