Flames crackling gently, the gentle warmth of the fire on your skin, the sweet taste of marshmallows toasted in the golden flames or a glass of good red wine enjoyed slowly fireside. The quiet atmosphere of an open fire that pervades the room as the fire welds its charm upon you.

There’s a personal pleasure and satisfaction in lighting an open fire. Striking a match and adding it to the paper and kindling, then watching as the flames catch and steadily build upon each other until a gentle crackling and warmth radiates out from the fireplace.

An open fire brings people together – friends or family (2 and 4 legged) coming together and gathering in an atmosphere of slowing down, relaxing and just taking time with each other. And its a experience that should be enjoyed at least once a year (gas ‘pretend’ open fireplaces just don’t cut it!).

You can enjoy the ambiance and cosy warmth of a crackling open fire with your fur family members when you holiday at big dog friendly Sea Horse Diamond Beach. The wood fire will be laid ready for you to light when you arrive and a supply of chopped firewood and kindling will be on hand for your use during your stay.

2 big dogs in front of stone open fireplace

It’s a rare holiday accommodation that will allow your precious dog – particularly a big dog like the Doberman and Boxer above, to enjoy this wonderful winter experience with you. Don’t miss out enjoying your own open fire, snuggling with your pups here this year. The weather is warming up and before we know it, summer will be here.

Our website calendar is always uptodate to make it easy peasy for you to choose your preferred dates and book your stay to enjoy your own fabulous open fire at Sea Horse Diamond Beach.

See you on the beach 🙂