Do you have a loved one who is unwell, has received a poor health diagnosis or near the end of their life?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take the opportunity to spend some relaxed, quality time together with them, whilst they’re still happily able. To fill your hearts and minds with happy memories of each other and of happy experiences shared together. Irreplaceable memories that you’ll treasure forever.

A Quality of Life Holiday is where you can share valuable and precious time with your loved ones (2 & 4 legged), creating nurturing, happy memories together. And our accessible accommodation Seafarers Diamond Beach – with its private, resort like facilities – is perfectly suited to these special holidays.

Holidays in general, are about the feelings we share and enjoy and the memories we make when we’re with the people (2 and 4 legged) we love the most. And Quality of Life holidays are particularly about spending relaxed, unpressured time together – laughing, talking, smooching, sharing and simply enjoying being with each other – when our loved ones end of life is, sadly, in sight.

With its easy wheelchair and walker accessibility throughout, resort like private facilities and relaxed coastal designed comforts, Seafarers Diamond Beach offers you and your loved ones (2 and 4 legged) the perfect location for such a holiday with;

– Private tropical pool with pool hoist
– Dog friendly – inside and out
– Wheelchair accessible throughout
– Wheelchair accessible bathroom
– Very close to 24/7 dog friendly beach
– Sleeps up to 6 comfortably with 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms
– Fully self contained with resort like facilities
– Close to all amenities
– Separate Carers Suite by arrangement
– Personal Carers available by arrangement
– Easy driving distance from Sydney and the Hunter

There are also many opportunities for you and your loved ones to achieve ‘Bucket List’ dreams and experiences whilst staying at Seafarers Diamond Beach. Some of these might include;

  • Riding a horse along a beautiful beach
  • Whale and dolphin encounters – up close
  • Welcoming the sunrise on the beach with your special dog
  • Sharing the experience of watching a magical full moon rise over the sparkling ocean and quiet beach
  • Staring up at a myriad of stars in the nights sky, as you gently float in your own private pool


People with various conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease, Huntingtons, , Alzheimers / Early Stage Dementia, ALS, Cancer and other degenerative diseases as well as people heading towards palliative care or in their final stages of life have already enjoyed a wonderful Quality of Life holiday with their family at Seafarers Diamond Beach accessible accommodation.

Perhaps a Quality of Life holiday is something you’d like to share with your (2 or 4 legged) loved ones too.

It’s time you’ll never regret.


See you on the beach.


Want to know more about a Quality of Life holiday with your loved one - just email me at and I can help.